Lunge Fitness is a growing fitness studio with two locations in CT for both men and women. Group Training is the foundation of our affordable fitness programs. Through these programs, you learn effective weight training, aerobic and anaerobic circuit training, and cardiovascular training. Each class is led by an experienced certified trainer who assists with proper form, support, and motivation. Our trainers give you the determination you need to reach your goals.


In 2010, AJ McDaniel founded the first Lunge Fitness studio at the Barn Club in Woodbury, CT.  We opened with a mission to educate people of all ages about fitness. Specifically, we wanted to teach people the proper form and exercise movements needed to be successful within a fitness program. To accomplish that, we designed our programs so that everyone would have a successful fitness experience without breaking the bank. We were aware that personal training had become costly and many could not afford it, however; we felt that the training was still a necessity to achieve their goals.  We are the pioneers of forming a successful and affordable group training experience.


 Our program now offers access to a diverse physical program, education on increased range of motion, flexibility and strength, and a results-oriented nutritional program. We now offer all of the tools needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle both in and out of the gym.


Since its inception, Lunge Fitness has been designed to help attain fitness goals by connecting the body and mind through knowledge. We are not a low membership warehouse gym with rows of cardio machines; we are not your typical group X class. We educate and empower our clients to make each gym workout worth it.  We are where fitness education and motivation meet to achieve a total body and mind transformation.


Our Story