Marisa - M Fit

Marisa has been actively instructing fitness for most of her adult life. While in college, Marisa managed the campus fitness center, taught aerobics classes (NDEITA certified) then continued on to teach step aerobics and toning.


Marisa received her personal training certification from the American Sports and Fitness Association. She makes fitness a top priority in her life and takes pleasure in teaching group classes and working 1 on 1 with fitness seeking individuals.


Currently, Marisa has taken on many new clients.  She prides herself in building their strength, while improving upon their endurance and fitness levels.  Her approach is positive and takes into consideration her clients' current lifestyle and goals.  Each client's program is individualized with the key components gearing toward attainable goals.


In the past 10 months Marisa has worked closely 1 on 1 with a middle age, handicap female client on a daily basis.  Since her client has started with her, the client's ability to walk with better stride and her posture has made remarkable improvements.  The client's doctor has testified that his patient has made more improvements working with Marisa on a daily basis than she has had through physical therapy.  She has since been released from physical therapy and is seeing Marisa 5-6 times a week.


In the upcoming months, Marisa is hoping to work with children around the ages of 8 and up to help improve their balance, agility and strength.  Marisa hopes to build fitness awareness for kids who want to improve their athletic abilities and understand the importance of exercise in their lives.


Marisa has pursued a healthy, active lifestyle even through her 3 pregnancies. She has completed a variety of races; 5Ks,10Ks, and half marathons; completing the NYC Marathon in 2005 when her eldest child was 2 years old. Marisa lives in Middlebury, CT and has three children (ages 10, 7and 3 respectively).