Fitness is meant to be fun for a lifetime, and is why I chose a career as a physical and health educator.  I have been a high school physical education and health teacher since 2008 after earning a bachelors degree at Central Connecticut State University. 


I also have been the cheerleading coach at New Fairfield High School since 2009 and a certified lifeguard for the last two years.


I am very passionate about fitness. I enjoy seeing people achieve their fitness goals, and learn how to be active for a lifetime.  My goal is to help each individual enjoy his/her time "in the gym" while working to achieve their personal fitness goals.


I am a huge proponent of safe, efficient and functional movement. I emphasize proper form in order to prevent injury and gain results.  I not only want to see my clients achieve their goals, but look and feel their best, as well as develop the self-confidence needed to take control of a happy, healthy life style.






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Fitness for a Lifetime