Why Lunge Fitness?

If your goal is to get in the best shape you’ve ever been in, we can help you!


The Lunge Fitness program is designed to help you not only achieve, but also embrace your fitness and wellness goals. If you follow the program 100%, we guarantee results.


From intermediate to advanced trainees, our certified personal trainers will lead you through our program regardless of your current level of fitness.


If you're ready to feel your best, look your best, and feel a paramount of confidence, contact us today!


Program Design

The Lunge Fitness Program is comprised of three phases.


Phase 1: Healthy Heart

A healthy heart is the most important aspect of fitness. Phase 1 is a 4-6 week conditioning phase that tests for both your resting heart rate and cardiovascular heart rate zones.  A great place to start is by wearing a heart rate monitor; we suggest the Polar F7. The heart rate monitor will display your heart rate, which will assist in increasing or decreasing your intensity and ultimately maximizing the effectiveness of your workout. This phase gradually progresses to strengthen your heart’s endurance and lead to a healthier heart!


Phase 2: Body Sculpting and symmetry

This is the phase where you will lose inches and gain muscle. You will see your clothes begin to fit you differently. Phase 2 is a 16 week+ weight training program where you add sexy muscle in all the right places. You will develop shapely shoulders, a slimmer waist and defined legs.


FYI: Let’s put a big myth to rest! Weight training does not make women bulky; it builds lean muscle. Lean muscle helps burn calories and shrink fat cells when you’re not at the gym! Do not fear that you will develop a masculine figure during this phase! Men have 3x more muscle fiber in their upper body and higher testosterone levels than women. Therefore, they have the ability to develop big bulky muscles. Also, stay away from the scale during phase 2! Muscle weighs more than fat.


Phase 3: Body maintenance

Weight loss maintenance - we now focus on dropping 1-2 lbs. per week and decreasing body fat percentage. The body maintenance phase is a 16+ week metabolism boosting program. Here you will train 3-4 times a week within your cardiovascular zone to drop weight and reveal your newly developed sculpted figure.


What to expect from a workout at Lunge Fitness?


Each Training Session Consists of:


  • Warmup/Cardiovascular Training

  • Resistance Training

  • Core Conditioning

  • Flexibility


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