The Lunge Fitness Triathlon program empowers beginner athletes to finish their first triathlon and intermidiate athletes to finish faster! 


Our training sessions are  30 - 120 min  and are desgined to strengthen your overall endurance, agility and speed. 


Once you have completed the program, you understand the importance and benefits of using a heart rate monitor.


Our program helps to increase the dynamic flexiblity of your shoulders, which assists in stream lining your arms straight up and strengthing your shoulders for swimming.


We maintain a high level of fitness year round. This is a great program to maintain cardic output year round when it's too cold to run, bike or swim.


To determine if the Lunge Fitness program is right for you, contact us today.



Bodybuilding prejudging preparation: All preparation is done via email and skype 1 year to 12 weeks from your show. 12 weeks out is one on one in person consultations and training.


Lunge Fitness Bodybuilding phases:

1 year out  overall Muscle Mass and Symmetry consulting.

6 months out overall Muscle Mass, Symmetry and Muscularity consulting

12 weeks to prejudging on stage preparation.


All prep phases include Nutrition Plans - 1 year out through up to

show meal planning.


For pricing and more program details contact us today!

Triathlon & Bodybuilding Training