Rolled Oats Vs Steel Cut Oats

All oatmeal is NOT created equal! Oatmeal is a grain that takes about 30 mins to prepare from start to finish. For convenience the food industry has found a way to process oats to shorten that time.

ROLLED OATS: Whole oats that are steamed, rolled, steamed again and toasted. (Add water and microwave)

INSTANT ROLLED OATS: Rolled oats that are rolled even thinner and chopped up to almost a powder. These are usually sold prepackaged with added sugar and flavor. (Just add hot water and let sit for a few minutes).

STEEL CUT: "IRISH OATS" are whole oats chopped into pieces. (Bring water to a boil in a pot on stove and cook for 25 min)

Nutritionally,(aside from added sugar) these oats are about the same. The difference is how your body then processes the oats. Since the steel cut oats contain more fiber than the processed oats leaving you feeling fuller longer. The thicker pieces of steel cut also slows the conversion from carb to sugar in your bloodstream. Stable blood sugar is key to shirking fat and building lean muscle mass. When blood sugar is stable, your body is balanced and naturally releases what it doesn’t need, like body fat, and sodium, but it also protects and grows your lean muscles! Stable blood sugar increases your metabolism, and controls carb and sugar cravings. Best of all it boosts your energy to helps you through the LUNGE FITNESS routines!


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