Tips to picking a Personal Trainer.

If you’re interested in losing weight and you want to take the route of hiring a trainer. Just as when hiring an attorney, doctor or financial adviser, you will do some research on your trainer’s background. You might even look to a friend who has had phenomenal results. Ask that friend who’s their trainer and get in contact with them.

Ultimately you’re hiring this trainer, and you want the trainer to work for you. So, once you have contacted the trainer, ask them specific questions.


1. Are you certified?

2. How long have you been a trainer?

3. Tell the trainer your age, physical issues, weight, and goals. Have they ever trained anyone like you or with injuries you have.

4. Ask for their successes, do they have a proven track record by means of success testimonials and pictures?

5. Many trainers will give you complimentary training sessions to try the program and test drive if it’s the right fit for you. Try not to get committed to a large package before working with the trainer.

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