How GMO foods are impacting our preventive health diets.

Most non-organic foods are genetically modified (GMO). Have you noticed its difficult to find grapes with seeds in them anymore? Most grapes are genetically modified because consumers like them that way :( Good health starts with a healthy, balanced diet of organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and whole foods. A recent study was just published finding that grape seed extract has many health benefits, including cancer risk reduction. This is an example of how eating organic non-GMO food is more nutrient packed for a preventive health diet.

Researchers discovered that grape seed extract killed up to 95% of human cervical cancer cells in vitro when fed to mice. Cervical cancer is the third most common cancer in the world and is the fourth leading cause of cancer related deaths for women. Grape seed extract has also shown that it reduces skin cancer risk by 74% and prostate cancer risk by 62%. Currently there are clinical trials testing the use of grape seed extract for lowering cholesterol and reducing breast cancer risk. These trials used 200mg daily. This dosage of grape seed extract can also be found as a supplement at most natural and organic food stores. Remeber that your diet is the start to health and cancer prevention, but this might give an extra boost!


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