Lunge Fitness encourages you to achieve your personal best!


Our clients first begin with a specific goal in mind; whether it be lose weight, manage stress, or improve overall health.  We are incredibly proud when their goal is met, and just as proud to share their transformations. Please join us, as we revel in their success, by viewing before and after pictures and reading their personal story.


Lunge Fitness is proud to share the latest Fit Acheivement!


The typical gym scene wasn't working for me. I was bored with group classes and I wasn't comfortable going into a weight room on my own. I had put on weight and was unhappy with my body.

I met AJ and knew his program was what I needed. The workouts are motivating and fun. The trainers watch over your workouts to make sure you are performing the exercise correctly and you are getting the most out of your workouts. They will also modify exercises, which is great, because I sometimes have lower back pain. AJ also offers nutritional counseling as part of his program.

I have had amazing results with the program and always look forward to my workouts. I make healthier choices in the foods I eat and have more energy.





Jules Testimonial: Throughout high school, I played a different sport each season of the school year. Field hockey in the fall, track in the winter, and lacrosse in the spring. I participated in all of these mainly because I loved to be in shape and without an organized workout routine during the summer, I would find myself back at square one each fall come field hockey tryouts.


After watching my mom, Rachel, completely transform through the Lunge Fitness program.  I finally decided that the summer going into my senior year to join Lunge Fitness by attending classes twice a week. I wanted to see how my strength and cardio results, that the Lunge Fitness team had helped me to develop all summer, would impact my tryouts. That fall I ran my fastest-ever mile time and can say without a doubt I owe it all to the Lunge Fitness program.


These past two and a half months, in addition to attending classes three to four times per week, I was introduced by Lunge Fitness to a clean eating program. Through the course of the summer I found myself feeling healthier, more energized and in the best shape of my life with each passing day. Working with Lunge Fitness has shown me that being in shape is both a commitment and a lifestyle. I’ll never take another summer off!






 Lost 70lbs and dropped 10 dress sizes!


"At my heaviest I was 230-250, now I am at 185. largest size was 22 and I'm currenty a 12. The weight has come off over the last year "


I have lost 45lbs and gained muscle mass since I have begun working out at Lunge Fitness.  Clean eating, exercise, and dedication is how I achieved my goal. I had gained a lot of weight in a short period of time, kept the weight on and finally decided that’s enough I need to lose it.


I started by changing my eating habits and exercising. I was doing cardio- walking, running, bike rides. But I knew that wasn’t going to be enough. It’s hard to stay on track. I needed someone I could count on to push me to my limit and keep me on track. I looked into personal training, and then heard about Lunge Fitness group training. I contacted them and tried out a class and loved it. 


The trainers very professional and passionate about fitness. It is very encouraging. The intensity level in the classes is motivating. The classes are never boring, which can happen with a daily gym routine. I was very intimidated to start because I was out of shape and overweight.


This is one of the greatest choices I have made and I recommend Lunge Fitness to anyone looking to lose weight, tone muscle, or train for an event.




I have always enjoyed working out and keeping in shape, however, the problem was I needed a way to do it safely after a back injury that occurred in 2009. I wasn’t able to push myself to the limits and needed to find a trainer that would safely and effectively help me achieve the goals I wanted, while constantly challenging and changing up the routines in a safe manner.


When I first came to the group training class at Lunge Fitness, I was more than intimidated to say the least. I wasn’t new to a gym, but interval training and strength training weren’t normally incorporated into my workouts. When I spoke to AJ regarding my goals and concerns, he definitely took them seriously. His priority was not only to make sure I achieved my goals, but also paying particular attention to my injury. If an exercise hurt my back, AJ showed me an alternative to the workout that would work the same muscle groups but kept me comfortable and safe at the same time. This, over time, built my confidence so that I could complete these extreme workouts safely while keeping up with the class, never making me feel out of place.

It has been about a year and a half since joining Lunge Fitness and my body still changes. Thanks to The Lunge Fitness program and clean eating, I’ve dropped inches in my waist, my arms and legs are toned, I have definition in my back and shoulders, but most importantly am extremely happy. I love my results and they are a clear example of never giving up and sticking through it all. AJ not only helps transform bodies, but he helps transform minds, helping you realize that you can push yourself and by committing to yourself and the workouts, you can reach and surpass any goals set forth.



After giving birth to my son in November 2010, my weight peaked at 170lbs; the heaviest I had ever been in my life. My sister-in-law, Jamie, suggested I join Lunge Fitness after she had experienced her own tremendous results in four months. She explained the Lunge Fitness group personal training program and the inner-athlete in me was pumped to try it out! I got cleared by my doctor at my six-week post-delivery checkup and started in March 2010.

The first time I walked into a Lunge Fitness class, I was surprised. Mats were laid out on the floor with two sets of dumbbells flanking each mat. I thought I was going to see a ton of machines and barbells with weight I never imagined I could lift. After a ten minute warm up, I performed the first – of many – challenging routines AJ had crafted. Over the next few weeks I sweat buckets and pushed my muscles to the absolute limit. I would sometimes get in my car still breathing heavy from the workout and wonder when my body was going to change.

Then something happened. I got addicted. I didn’t compare myself to the other amazing women in class and just focused on me. I ate clean and attended class as often as possible. About four months in, I started getting compliments on how great I looked after having my son and at the eight month mark I was down to a size 6 in jeans. These photos (special thanks to Salon Odette in Middlebury and Ultima Tan in Naugatuck for getting me photo-ready!) were taken almost exactly one year from my start date. I’m now 130lbs and have more definition in my body than I did at 19 years old.

A huge thanks to Lunge Fitness for proving to me that weight training should never be feared by a woman, but revered. Thank you, AJ!



I am 47 and a mother of four beautiful children. Caroline, 23, Olivia, 22, Julianna, 16, and Samuel, 14. Fitness and maintaining a healthy diet have not always driven me in life as my family has, however as my children have grown up and my life has changed, and getting fit and monitoring my food intake has taken a major role in my life.


Before my transformation, I hit a plateau in my exercise and diet routine. It wasn’t until I sprained my hip playing tennis, that I found myself stuck at a crossroad. Where should I go next? I love tennis too much to surrender to this injury. I explored my options while healing and decided personal training could give me the boost I needed. The first meeting I had with AJ, he asked me several questions but one nobody had ever asked me before, “How badly do you want this?” My response, “100%.” My goal wasn’t so much to lose weight but to feel healthy again so, AJ trained me twice a week and put me on a rigid diet.  With dedication, patience, and training from AJ, I lost 14 pounds and sculpted every inch of my body! I have been devoted to this routine for eight months and as a result, I am now in the best shape of my life! So when someone says, “You look great Rachel!”, its always easy to respond, “It took a lot of hard work, perseverance, oh, and AJ too I guess!” 

By grasping and understanding the balance between the two most important parts of my life, health and fitness and my family, I have begun a new way of life, one which I will never give up so long as it makes me as happy as it does.









I have been training with Lunge Fitness for over a year now. Before I started working out with Lunge Fitness I was working out regularly but I was not achieving results. I was frustrated and down on myself.


Then, I met A.J. and he began to work with me to help me see how the combination of exercise, nutrition, sleep and stress affects your fitness results. Now, the results I have achieved are due to the Lunge Fitness’s perfect combination of various training methods. Lunge Fitness has guided and pushed me to set challenging but achievable goals.


Lunge Fitness Trainers knowledge and commitment to their profession have helped me to commit to an overall healthier lifestyle. Without the Lunge Fitness Trainers inspiration and dedication I could not achieve my goals.








I can remember the first day driving to the gym. I was so nervous I didn’t think I was going to be able to walk in by myself. It has been two years since that first day.

I never had much of a workout routine before. I would occasionally go to the gym and do a few classes but it was sporadic. I never made the commitment to keep going or to push myself while I was at the gym. I always had an excuse not to go to the gym. I thought it was hard to find time to go to the gym being a mother and having a career.

Right from the start the Lunge Fitness trainer made me feel comfortable and that there was always time in the day for me to work out.  Classes were convenient to get to because of  the various times offered. The trainer always makes me push myself even when I think that I can’t go anymore. They know that I am capable of doing it and push me to my full potential. AJ will sometimes send texts to make sure that I am staying on track.

Working out with the other girls has been an experience unlike other places I have worked out. Everyone is very encouraging and we all feel comfortable working out together, making sure we all are working at our hardest.

I have never felt better about myself and my appearance. Working out with Lunge Fitness has become part of my routine. After working out with Lunge Fitness for two years and feeling as good as I do, working out will always be a part of my routine.









I am 40 years old mother of 3 and have been a client of AJ’s for over 6 years. I have been through it all with AJ; lean and mean, pregnant, post pregnancy, bloated etc. etc. Since with AJ I can conclude that mentally and physically I have felt the best I have ever felt. His knowledge and motivation is what sculpts his clients into what you see in these photos. Each and every one of us has been pushed to our limits and have been educated at the same time.

I always tell people you know what you will get when you hire AJ. RESULTS! Some quicker than others, but with patience and cooperation I guarantee you could look and feel the way I do.

 I have gained tremendous knowledge, determination and most of all mental and physical strength, which I truly believe are key components in the raising of my children. It is truly a challenge to be a parent in this world today, bombarded with terrible diet and exercise myths. What I learn I want to pass on to my family. I am always learning something each time I workout.

The Lunge Fitness program ties it all together, exercise, muscle development, diet and mental focus. The dedication to his clients always amazes me and I would find it very difficult to not have his program as a part of my life.

In conclusion, I continue to remain focused and open minded to what is in store because I have told AJ, this is only the beginning for me, I am not done with this body and I know he will take me where I want to be. So stay tuned, because as I approach 41 I hope to motivate a lot more people!!


I have been training with A.J since 2007 and I can still remember the day he approached me at the gym and introduced himself like it was yesterday. He must have seen the boredom on my face. I had been doing the usual cardio/weight training routine and getting nowhere! I wanted to be fit, healthy and have a body I could be proud of but I didn't know how to achieve it.


I was impressed with his professionalism and almost immediate understanding of what was lacking in my workout. A.J invited me to try his group sessions and see what I thought. At the time my daughter was young and I was trying to juggle motherhood, marriage, managing my career and home. Like most of us I thought, how am I going to find the time? Well A.J made that possible! He offered various times and sessions and made it easy.

 After I made that intimidating first step and began training I've never looked back. With the Lunge Fitness program,  A.J has taught me to make no excuses , hold my head up high, always break limitations and that quitting is NEVER an option. He's taught me to work toward success and never failure.

 I've drawn strength and motivation over the years not only from A.J but also from all the amazingly strong, intensely dedicated and inspiring people I work out with. I've seen the Lunge Fitness program work for myself and so many others. Lunge Fitness has become a part of a lifestyle I couldn't live without!