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Group personal training is a means of providing access to the experience of a dynamic workout that follows the same principle of individual/private training, but is more affordable. 


Group personal training Sessions are one hour long and supervised by an experienced certified personal trainer. A Lunge Fitness trainer will guide you through a warmup, cardiovascular training and/or resistance training, core conditioning, flexibility improvement and a cool down.

The Education Package

The Education package is good for those who are satisficed with their current fitness results and are looking to add something different to the mix. This offers limited exposure to the Lunge Fitness routines with only two days of classes a week, but your still learning a great deal about fitness!  


Monthly / 2 days a week - $127.20 (tax included)

The Motivation Package

The Motivation package gets you into the gym three days a week. It is ideal for those who need a little more push to achieve their fitness goals. We check in on your progress through out the program to ensure you goals are met!


Monthly / 3 days a week - $165.80 (tax included)

The Transformation Package

The package is ideal for those who are looking to get into the best shape of their lives! With the transformation package, Lunge Fitness completely takes over your fitness routine by training you four days per week. Included is the flexibility to choose your class schedule. 


Monthly / 4 days a week  - $196.00 (tax included)

Single Class Pass (Drop in)

Not sure which days or how many days you can commit to in a month? Take advantage of the Single Class Pass. This offers the flexibility to jump into any class (space permitting).

$20 per class


Our individual/private personal training is ideal for those seeking high levels of personal attention and accountability.  Your workout routine is tailored to your skill level or need. Personal training is also beneficial for those with an injury or  a recent surgery . Lunge Fitness will help you accomplish your specific goals and allow you to see the best results in the least amount of time possible.

$80 + tax per one-hour session*

*Value packages available for a lower rate.


Prefer to train with a buddy? Bring them along to train! Receive the same level of 1:1 attention and personalized routines based on the overall skill level of you and your buddy.

$40 + tax per person, per one-hour session


Typically composed of three individuals, tri-training is a four-session package that places special emphasis on a particular part of the body (i.e., glutes, chest, back). We recommend this package to anyone in our group training classes that is ready to get more serious about their fitness.

$120 + tax per person (4 sessions)

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