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Lunge Fitness


Fitness is 

Team Lunge represents a lifestyle and an attitude - changing you from the inside out.

How lunge fitness is different

Lunge Fitness is a growing fitness studio serving the greater Woodbury and western Connecticut regions. Through group training and individual programs, you will learn proper form and movement to ensure that weight training, aerobic and anaerobic circuit training and cardiovascular training are effective.


Since its inception, Lunge Fitness has been designed to help attain fitness goals by connecting the body and mind through knowledge. We are not a low membership warehouse gym with rows of cardio machines; we are not your typical group X class. We educate and empower our clients to make each gym workout worth it.



Training with Fit Ball

Private Training

Designed for the individual who prefers a "1-on-1" fitness experience.

Fitness Group

Group Training

A high-energy class for the individual who likes to be pushed by those around them.

meet the founder

AJ McDaniel

aj mcdaniel

AJ McDaniel, leading fitness expert in the health industry, is  I.F.P.A. (International Fitness Professionals Association) and N.A.S.M. (National Academy of Sports Medicine) trained. He is a former competitive body builder who trained under the guidance and tutelage of Mike Katz, former Mr. World, of Hamden, CT.


AJ has worked in the personal training and fitness industry since 2002 and has been a strength and conditioning consultant since 2006. His expertise comes from his involvement in weight training and fitness training since the age of 13, when his great-grandmother, who understood the importance of exercise, gave him his first weight set. 


A former fitness director for World Gym in Oakville, CT (2008 - 2009),  AJ has received several coveted fitness industry honors including Bally's "Elite Trainer" 2006 & 2007. Bally's Elite Trainer Award winners are chosen from a field of more than 1000 trainers in the Bally's Fitness Corporation worldwide. Only five winners are chosen annually out of entrants from the entire New England region.


AJ's fitness expertise has also been aided by more than 14 years of experience working in emergency care and with persons affected by early stages of multiple sclerosis, stroke and quadriplegia. AJ's background in the medical field and in exercise physiology have allowed him to develop effective fitness programs for beginning exercisers to competitive body builders.

"I have never felt better about myself and my appearance. Working out with Lunge Fitness has become part of my routine."


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